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             These are award-winning monologues by playwright Janet S. Tiger   Some have won prizes, others have been performed all over the world thousands of times - all have been tested in front of live audiences.

(Including THE TOWEL LADY, which has been performed internationally thousands of times from the UK to Burma, from Canada to Australia -now including Hawaii - Paliku Theatre, Windward Community College -  Click here to see a Youtube video

Here now! - for teachers, directors, producers
 - more than 30 monologues, assorted,  plus instructions how to make an evening's entertainment from
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Monologues for men                                   Monologues for women

Acrobatics                                                         Acrobatics
Dream$                                                                Audition Piece
Finale                                                              Clarification
                                                                      Curse of the Duchess
Hesitation                                                         Flying                                                                                                           
Get a Cold                                                         Get A Cold
Properly Done                                                     I Love School!
                                                                        Nobody Told Me
                                                                        Secret Room
                                                                       Take Out the Garbage
The Ripple Effect                                                 The Eight-Cent Egg
Say Something Nice                                             The Towel Lady
                                                                         Time Traveler 
Time Traveler                                                      What Have I Forgotten Now?              

                                                                    Your Flight Has Been Delayed

Cuttings  (Bonus!)

Blood monologue from TRANSFUSION                Sponge monologue
Horse monologue
from DON'T YOU CRY FOR ME      Mary's monologue from TRANSFUSION
                                                                                           Frieda's monologue
                                                                                            When I was.....

by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009
Time - approx- 2-3 minutes                   
Script via email only $3.00

A woman (20s-50s) is forced to confront herself and what it needs to make changes in her life after a visit to the doctor.  Very effective - crowd pleaser and great for auditions.

by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009

Time - approx- 2-3 minutes                   
Script via email only $3.00

Everyone has a dream that they don't understand for a long time - but then, what happens when you finally get it?   This is a quiet piece, will stand out after a loud and showy monologue.


by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009

Time - approx- 1-2 minutes                   
Script via email only $2.00

A teenager just LOVES school - or so it sounds at first.
Quick and easy to learn - with a powerful punch ending.


by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009       Script via email only $3.00

Time - 7-8 minutes

Audition Piece            
by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009       Script via email only $3.00

Time - 7-8 minutes


by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009       Script via email only $2.00

Time - 7-8 minutes


Your Flight Has Been Delayed          
by Janet S. Tiger (c) all rights reserved 2009       Script via email only $3.00

Time - 7-8 minutes

If you purchase and perform one of my pieces, I will give you permission to post on Youtube - with a link here.

Monologues for Auditions                      Monologues for Men                 
Monologues for Teenagers                   Sample Monologues                          Monologues for Seniors
         by Janet S. Tiger (c)

Teenager writes a letter of complaint about a shampoo -
that she sees a little differently than most people. 
   March 9, 2009 all rights reserved
brand new special - $1.00
  age - 13-16     time - 2-3 minutes
 for sample and to purchase, click here

For more monologues like the ones below, please click here

The Towel Lady 
(sample below - or see Youtube)
The following is an excerpt from THE  TOWEL LADY -

This is possibly Janet S. Tiger's most produced work.
Since its publication, THE TOWEL LADY has been produced numerous times nationally and internationally, and students who have used THE TOWEL LADY have won awards at local and national levels in drama contests.

           THE TOWEL LADY
            © 1989  all rights reserved
         by Janet S. Tiger

         Characters - 1 Actress  - older

         Set – Can be bare, very little furniture. 
         Laundry basket, clothesline.

                       Published in

                        Great Monologs and Dialogs from Contemporary and
                       Classical Theatre edited by Norman A. Bert.  1990. 
                        Meriwether Publishing Ltd./Colorado Springs, Colorado

                      THE TOWEL LADY
                         © 1989  all rights reserved
                                  by Janet S. Tiger

(A woman comes onto the stage with a basket of laundry, which she puts down heavily.  She quickly places three pairs of men’s shorts on the line, using her mouth to hold the wooden clothespins.  She is an expert at this, the way a good sign painter is an expert at his job.  Then she takes a towel from the basket and she stops, turning to the audience, holding the towel in a kind of reverie.)


You know, a new towel is a wonderful thing.  Come on, you ladies all know what I’m talking about!  Now, I can understand why the men are muttering to themselves, because no man can appreciate a good towel.  But you ladies know what I’m saying is true!  Only another woman knows what I’m talkin’ about…(She holds out the towel to illustrate.)

Isn’t it beautiful when it’s brand new?  It’s so soft and good smellin”.  It has a youthful way about it, kinda sassy, but innocent.  You men are sittin’ there wonderin’ why the hell you came to lsiten to some old woman talk about the laundry, but if you listened for once in your lives, maybe you’d learn something.

 See this towel?  I just bought it today.  It ain’t never been touched by any hands ‘cept mine.  Well, maybe somebody touched it in the store first, but since I didn’t see it and it didn’t leave no mark, it don’t matter….(examining the edges)   It’s perfect.  I never buy those ‘seconds’ with their funny lines down the middle and the frayed bottoms.  They don’t last as long.  I buy hunnert per cent thick cotton Cannon towels made for J. C. Penney.  The thirsty ones.

Men never did understand towels.  And that’s because they treat their towels just like they treat their women. ........

(This monologue has a great ending and allows the actress the chance to show a range of emotions.)

If you would like to purchase
Running time –3 minutes            $5.00/script
    Set – minimal, some towels, a clothesline, washbasket
    1 character         1 older woman – 50s-60s

A woman hangs out her laundry while telling her unusual views on towels - and life.

Buy now
The following is an excerpt from GET A COLD,  which is from the full-length play THE END OF DEATH, scheduled for world premiere in August 2007 at Swedenborg Hall, San Diego.

                           GET A COLD

    Set – simple, future
    1 characters   1 man – older
A man from the future describes the delight he has in the simple pleasure of...getting a cold.

  © Aug. 26, 2005 Janet S. Tiger all rights reserved
(The set is fairly simple, a modern chair, table, box of kleenex, small garbage pail.  The actor -this could also be a woman, as long as she, too is old- comes onstage.  He is very old, wearing a simple, toga-like outfit.  His hair is wild, and he is exuberant.)

Now, my friends, I have to tell you about my favorite part of this process.  Those of you (he indicates the audience) who are not as old as I am will probably not remember what I’m going to tell you about.  Those of you who lived before the dawn of our new technology might have experienced this many, many years ago.

Being my second birthday – that’s two million days for those of you who just came in – I wanted to fully know what it was like….to have a cold.

I can see some of you shaking your heads – who wants to have a cold.  But I was born after colds and other illness had been eradicated – so I never had the joy.  I can hear you laughing again, (mimics)  ‘Why not use  RT – revisiting technology – to go back and see what a cold was like?’   I suppose that’s one option, but let me ask those of you who lived during the electrical energy age – how often did you return to the pre-electrical age for fun?   I’m not talking about blackouts, but turning off electricity for a week or two, just to remember what the 1800s felt like.  (listens)  Not many did.

But this is different – this is the end of my time in this plane of existence, so I want to go out not having missed one thing.  So I set out to catch a cold.  This is a funny expression in itself.  There’s catch a fish, catch a train, catch a plane, catch a shooting star – all with wonderful connotations.

But to catch a cold – that’s like saying you want to catch a broken leg or catch …well, you understand.  But then, I caught the cold.  What happened was that I stopped all the morning wellness injections.  Nothing happened for awhile, because I did it slowly.  I’ve read that if you stop cold turkey you can die the next day because your immune system is so affected!

So I slowly eased off, and waited.  And I was well for awhile – and then, it happened!  (He sneezes very loudly)  That’s how it starts you see – with one of those – they’re called (enunciates very clearly) a suh-neee-zuh!  And they feel fantastic!  What a sensation!  You can feel it through your whole body!  It’s almost like -  yes, it’s like that!

Anyhow, the first sneeze is followed by….(he sneezes violently several times).   Many more.  They are not as much fun when you have to do it a lot.  And your throat gets sore – very painful.  And it feels like it’s swelling up.  And then your head gets all stuffy (starts talking as if he has a cold)  add you stad talking like dis….And your nose starts dripping…..(he gets the kleenex and starts blowing his nose)

These are the most amazing invention.  I went into the archives and the first of these were cotton  (shows a cloth handkerchief)  Very unsanitary, but then , so were all those days.  But these (he holds up the kleenex box) ingenious.  See how they pop up all by themselves!

And then you get a fever.  Now, from what I read, not all colds get a fever, but I was lucky enough to develop one.  Now that is a sensation!  First, you get very, very cold.  Not like outer space cold, but from the inside out, it actually feels as if the inside of you, all your internal organs, bones, everything, is freezing.

These are called blankets (holds them up)  They were used before radiant heat panels, so I decided to try them for authenticity.  They don’t get you warm at all!  You shiver and shake with the cold, even when you have five of them on you!

But then, the shaking stops and you start to boil!  The sweat drips off your face and you stay under the covers because if you put on a cool breeze you feel worse!  It is an astonishing range of concurrent sensations!  I highly recommend it!

(This monologue is a crowd pleaser, and can be used for auditions or showcases.)

    Set – simple, future
    1 characters   1 man – older
A man from the future describes the delight he has in the simple pleasure of...getting a cold.

If you would like to purchase
Running time –8 minutes            $5.00/script
Buy now



Running time – 15 minutes            $8.00/script
    Set –   minimal - chair, table, lamp
                Lighting and sound effects very important                            
    Character - The duchess - in her late 80s, very British

A duchess recounts how a curse changed her life.  Touching- a tour de force for an older actress.

    Winner - DFAS National 1-Act Playwriting Contest 2nd Place
    Produced - Five Flags Theatre, Dubuque, Iowa
    Televised - Public Access Cable Channel Iowa

Set in an airport

Set in an airport (female 40s-50s)



Monologue from THE END OF DEATH

The goal is to have one monologue for every day of the year, and eventually a system of review by those who have read and performed these monologues.

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