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My name is Irene I'm an actress in SD and I have used Janet Tiger's monologues and the audiences loved them!

I used Flying, Clarification, I Love School, and After Class. when I did Flying, and After Class, the audience laughed after every line!  For "I Love School!", the audience both laughed and went "Ooh". i can also relate to Clarifiaction!  I had so much fun doing these.  I am truly a HUGE fan of Janet's monologues.

Someone heard me reading one of them and asked me if i'd be available, and someone else said that if they needed any female roles, they'd contact me.

About "Nobody Told Me"....
I really like the new monologue!!!  The title is nothing what I expected it to be about.  the ending is hilarious.
   Tabitha Liggett

If you want to record or video a monologue for Janet S. Tiger, you can post it on YouTube as long as she receives credit and a link to her site.



Hi, this is Monica McCormick I was (your) "Towel Lady"  a couple of months ago (at Christian Academy... Michelle Hargreaves was my teacher) I just wanted to thank you for letting me perform your work on such short notice. It was so much fun! The audience really loved it. People still come up to me and talk about that monologue.  You are a wonderful writer ( I look forward to the next part), and I just wanted to let you know it's fine with me if you put my performance on your website...   

(Monica was referring to a DVD filmed by Holly Hopkins, which will hopefully be posted soon.)

 Watch Tori Langley doing the monologue in Hawaii!

........results from our oral interp competitions with "The Towel Lady".  My student, Lydia Nelson, a tenth grader, performed the piece several times and advanced to Regional competition and placed as alternate! - just one step from competing at the State Festival.  We really liked working with this piece and Lydia performed it in a very subdued and small angry voice - almost hushed tones.  Some judges loved her interpretation and some wanted more punch and noise.  I'm wondering if you have any more plays along this line that we could use?  Which would you suggest?   

Cathy Kazmerzak Nelson
Lake Preston School Counselor/oral interp coach

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